A dress you need jewelry for? Perfect bday gift? Transom window? Any glass work you'd love to have as an original? Like current designs already made but want one more suited to your taste? Quilt inspiration? Repairs on broken glass pieces?

Do note, that it is often much harder to repair a glass piece as opposed to starting from scratch, however, I will do my best to maintain the integrity of any original pieces and keep it's invaluable integrity alive.

I created this piece from the original picture of the Folsom Lighthouse.


Creating your custom piece is a priveledge and rewarding experience to know that you can have your own custom glass art in your home. Any idea is possible...even art that's not glass, or art! Tell me your color preferences, size, and specifications and I can make it happen.

All work is shipped from Atlanta, GA, USA and packaged to arrive safely and intact. I include delivery confirmation and insurance as a part of the shipping costs to make sure that everything remains as beautiful as you imagined.

Remember to email me with any questions or ideas that you may have by visiting the contact page.