About the Glass Artist Margery Kellar

Glass Art is something I thoroughly enjoy creating - just holding up a piece of glass and letting the sun shine through it thrills me. From the very first project I created to the designs and creations I am making now - I really like this medium. Anyone who has visited my house, knows that all of my walls are filled with wall art - now my windows are becoming exhibition places, as well! There is nothing like a sunny day pouring through colored and clear textured glass! I invite you to join me in my passion - let me know what you would like to have hanging in your window !

Starting just as a hobby I discovered my love for glass art and developed it into a passion creating pieces in my spare time for family and friends. Soon I started donating pieces for fundraisers and silent auctions and have since been asked to do custom work. From there I have participated in some art shows and exhibitions including the Spruill Center for the Arts Jewelry Show and the St. Pius Marketplace. I look forward to exhibiting in future art and craft shows in Atlanta and surrounding areas such as Stone Mountain's Highland Games.

As a Glass Artist I am continually finding new inspiration for pieces and designs both from my own views of life and inspiration from friends and family. I plan to keep this website updated with my creations as I continue to hone my craft as a Glass artist so keep posted! Shows, events, and other updates will be posted on Twitter.

Please go to the contact page to tell me your ideas for design or any questions about glass art. I would be more than happy to help!

-Margery Kellar